Transforming water

into smart data

Discover our advanced solutions for the digital transformation of infrastructures that will allow you to connect any meter or sensor to any management platform without the need to change any of your existing devices.

Areas of self-development

End-to-end IoT solutions

We are a company that develops NB-IOT and LTE-M electronic devices and offer end-to-end IoT solutions in the areas of Mobility, Energy and Water.

At Datakorum we provide our customers with an integral digitalization solution. We have developed our own technological ecosystem, from the communications and sensor hardware to the Intelligent Cloud Platform and user applications, to simplify the process of acquiring and visualizing data from infrastructures to those responsible for making decisions. Our mission is to help companies change and innovate in their products and services by transforming them into smart ones in a quick and easy way, improving their quality and saving them the research costs.

development areas

An increasingly smart world requires connectivity to increase services, efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and save natural resources.

Our IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions make installations smarter through efficient, cost-effective and reliable remote communication in areas with no possibility to connect to a power source.

Datakorum was one of the first companies to implement Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity in a comprehensive hardware and software design.

DATAKORUM, will develop a benchmark project for smart infrastructure management in
Abu Dhabi

Our company will be responsible for supplying the 5G gateways that provide data connectivity to ensure interaction between end users, distribution meters and the AMI.

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