Smart Solutions

End-to-End IoT Smart Solutions


A solution for every Smart City need


Our end-to-end smart solutions have been designed to be adopted quickly and efficiently covering any current and future needs of the Smart City.
Thanks to their modular conception they can grow where and when the environments require it.


The easiest and faster end-to-end solution implementation in the market.
The first solution with triple connectivity (WiFi, Gprs, LTE-NB).
Unique IoT solution for Smart City with remote firmware updates in all devices.
The best option with permanent connection to CLOUD, ensuring the management of devices, events and alerts in real time.
The widest interoperability of the market: Fiware, Sentilo, MQTT, API REST, Android, iOS.

Smart point-to-point lighting

Energy monitoring

People counter

Parking spaces in public car park

Monitoring of restricted parking spaces

Smart Water

Water Quality

Smart Weather Station