The smart energy monitoring solution measures electrical parameters on any low-voltage electrical panel. The device includes a single-phase network analyser; reading a three-phase network analyser is possible through the MODBUS port. A built-in wireless communication module facilitates record transmission to the CLOUD energy monitoring and control system and to user applications, from which events and associated alarms can be activated, deactivated and sensorised.

Measurements of active and reactive power, current, voltage, power factor, on/off counter, and accumulated consumptions are obtained real time and instantly sent to the CLOUD platform so that alerts and associated alarms can be set.

Remote control of functions such as resetting, on/off, single-phase regulation, relay or external contactor activation, open door and temperature detection on electrical panel, and control of any element on panels with a MODBUS port.

monitorización remota de energía

Main technical features of the device

LANE monitorización de energía

The main technical features of the device are:


  • DIN rail mounting. DIN6 size. 230VAC power supply.
  • Internal single-phase network analyser.
  • Reading of three-phase network analyser via MODBUS port.
  • 6 configurable analog/digital sensor inputs and 6 relay control outputs.
  • Auxiliary battery input.
  • Configurable communication parameters to control data flow. Maximum, minimum and average values sent quarter-hourly for
  • Active Power, Reactive Power, Voltage, Current. Cumulative consumptions, plus on/off counter, power supply failure, and operating hours.
  • The device is connected directly to the cloud without intermediate points via WiFi, GPRS or LTE-NB; M2M device connectivity are included.
  • TCP/IP protocol in communications with CLOUD to detect cable theft, ensuring security at the facility.
  • Data storage with configurable regularity (from 15 min to daily), regardless of data sending to platform.
  • In the event of connection failure, measures will continue being taken and alarms will be detected, which will be transmitted as soon as the connection is resumed.

Trango IoT data integration platform (Middleware)

The TRANGO IoT Data Integration Platform is a device management software that can interoperate with other platforms. It can analyse the installation status and health of devices, manage the data received in real time and harmonise it in terms of format and timing to deliver it according to the requirements of meter data management (MDM) platforms. In addition, it enables remote firmware upgrades (FOTA) to the entire device fleet. Is cloud-based and can optionally be installed “On Premise”, these are some of its main features:


  • OTA Firmware updating.
  • Meter ID editing.
  • Enable and disable instant sending triggered by alarm meter.
  • Enable and disable RS-485 Port.
  • Time setting between readings:
    Default every 15 minutes, minimum 5 minutes.
  • Time setting between sendings:
    Default every 1 hour, minimum 5 minutes.
  • Connection report with signal strength level and battery percentage.


Network parameters:

  • RSSI (dBm), RSRQ (dB), RSRP (dBm), CSQ, PCI, SINR (dB),TX POWER (dBm), Cell Id.
  • Reading and sending information.

Baltoro platform for infrastructure management


For small and medium-sized utilities that lack a management platform or want to upgrade their existing one, we offer the cloud-based BALTORO Platform, a highly scalable and cost-competitive end-to-end universal metering solution.

Through this we can read meters and sensors, visualise the infrastructure on the map, monitor the quality of service, analyse consumption, detect possible unauthorised use, receive an automated daily report on the status of the installation and consult the graphs and historical measurements.