DATAKORUM implements the first version of its BALTORO software as an End to End solution for the digitalisation of small water companies.

29 July 2022 – Valencia

Thanks to the collaboration with Aguas de Bixquert, it has been possible to achieve the first real implementation of BALTORO Platform for the management of the daily operations of the installation.

BALTORO together with the installation of 100 gateways of the PIPE 5G family, allowed Aguas de Bixquert to obtain real-time data for the analysis of consumption, quality of service of the distribution network, status of the main customers, leak detection, demand prediction, water quality and remote operation.

In the words of Jorge Francés, General Manager of Aguas de Bixquert, “…thanks to the implementation of BALTORO we have been able to detect service deviations early on, which has enabled us to avoid major problems. Digitisation generates large and easily quantifiable savings in maintenance by facilitating preventive actions.”

For his part, Guillermo Escobar CEO of DATAKORUM points out that “…BALTORO is an end-to-end management platform that is very easy and simple to implement, focused on being the integral solution for small water supply companies.”