This edition for Datakorum had a new incentive, since in the previous one we were only visiting. And participating as an exhibitor along with 800 other professionals from 140 countries and an expected attendance of 22,000 visitors was a challenge that we were eager to face visit .

Aquatech provides a comprehensive platform for professionals in the water sector to showcase innovations, exchange knowledge, and establish connections. The event, which took place at the RAI Convention Centre from November 6th to 9th, provided us with the opportunity to interact with a wide range of industry professionals.

The premises were met, and we had a significant influx of visitors showing interest in our connectivity solutions for the water sector, particularly our PIPE NB-IoT and Baltoro gateways, along with our infrastructure management platform specifically designed for small water utility companies.

In summary, our time at Aquatech Amsterdam was worthwhile and reaffirmed our commitment to participating in the largest technological events in the global water and energy sector.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to all the individuals who visited us and extend our thanks to Aquatech Amsterdam for providing the ideal stage to showcase our full potential. We look forward to the opportunities that will arise as a result of this unique experience with enthusiasm.