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DATAKORUM successfully completes its first two major remote electricity meter reading projects in July 2022

18 July 2022

Two large skyscrapers have served as the stage to validate remote meter reading technology using 5G CAT M1 communications.

DATAKORUM has developed 5G gateways for DLMS and EURIDIS protocols allowing the reading of up to 32 meters through a single gateway.

Optionally, DATAKORUM offers the TRANGO Platform and the BASE CAMP software tool, which allows the installers to easily configure, connect and send data to the management platform.

The TRANGO Platform analyses the status of the installation, manages the data received in real time and integrates with the energy company’s management software.

This milestone places DATAKORUM as a global pioneer in the AMI/AMR field with DLMS and EURIDIS protocols using 5G communications.