Smart monitoring of energy consumption for Eivissa Town Hall

Datakorum, in collaboration with the Sener Group, has led the implementation of the “Smart City Integral Solution”, a project supported by the Eivissa Town Council with the aim of improving energy efficiency in municipal buildings. For this project, almost a hundred state-of-the-art devices have been installed, strategically distributed in different buildings and spaces managed by the city council.

These advanced devices not only record electricity consumption in detail, but also transmit the data via 5G – IoT to Datakorum’s high-performance management platform. The information is stored and displayed in real time, allowing Eivissa Town Council to proactively analyse consumption patterns and develop strategies to effectively save energy with immediate impact.


The benefits of this initiative are not limited to the municipal level, as the information is shared with the public through the Thingtia Cloud data visualisation platform. Citizens can access real-time data on active power and energy consumed on a daily and monthly basis. This transparency strengthens the relationship between the community and the municipality, keeping citizens informed about the municipality’s efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint.

This project marks the beginning of the comprehensive digitalization of municipal buildings and spaces, paving the way for a more sustainable and connected future. It is planned to expand this initiative to other areas of urban monitoring, consolidating Eivissa’s commitment to the “Smart City” concept and setting an example for other cities to follow. Join us on this journey towards a smarter and more sustainable future.