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Valencia and Datakorum, United by Innovation: Smart Sensors to Revolutionize Parking in El Cabanyal

Mar 12, 2024

The neighborhood of El Cabanyal in Valencia has taken a step forward towards greater accessibility and urban efficiency thanks to the recent installation of 207 parking occupancy sensors by Datakorum. This initiative, promoted by the Valencia City Council, aims primarily to improve the quality of life for its citizens, with a special focus on individuals with limited mobility, as well as to optimize the use of loading and unloading parking spaces in the area.

Through the deployment of this technology, both residents and visitors of Valencia can now access real-time information about parking availability via the mobile application AppValencia, the municipal geoportal, and the “Valencia al minuto” platform. El Cabanyal thus becomes a benchmark for how smart mobility and accessibility can go hand in hand in urban development.

Of the 207 sensors installed, 110 have been specifically dedicated to facilitating parking for people with limited mobility, while the remaining 97 focus on areas designated for loading and unloading. The technology used by these sensors includes a radar system and the detection of variations in the magnetic field for unprecedented accuracy in occupancy detection. Moreover, their installation without the need for construction or cables, along with a battery life of up to five years, stand out for their efficiency and sustainability.

The adoption of Narrow Band-IoT (NB-IoT) technology underscores Datakorum’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in device connectivity, representing a significant advancement in the implementation of smart infrastructures for the future of cities.

This project not only addresses the current needs for improvements in parking management and mobility in El Cabanyal but also highlights the company’s commitment to developing advanced solutions that foster a more connected and accessible environment for all.

At Datakorum, we are especially proud as a Valencian company to significantly contribute to the improvement of urban mobility in our city.

Technicians installing Datakorum parking devices.