Water Quality Pilot Project in Abu Dhabi City.

Mar 6, 2020 | news

Datakorum in collaboration with Etisalat digital has initiated a Water Quality pilot project in the city of Abu Dhabi.

The objective is to remotely measure the Ph, Redox and temperature of the water and send this data to the platform via NB-IoT communications for subsequent analysis in the user application, saving the need to send a technician to the installation.

The World Health Organisation adopted the Redox Potential measurement in 1971 as the most reliable measure for monitoring the efficiency of water disinfection, noting that it is possible to set a minimum value necessary to ensure efficient disinfection, as a standard this value is set at 650 mV.

Ensuring that drinking water is of optimal quality is paramount. There are many diseases associated with the consumption of contaminated water and drinking water can significantly reduce exposure to these diseases.

The remote continuous water quality measurement system consists of our NB-IoT PIPE WQ gateway and a professional water quality probe connected to it. It autonomously takes daily readings of Ph, Redox and temperature every 15 minutes and sends them to the platform 8 times a day.

It also incorporates the standard EN 1434-3 M-BUS wired and Pulse protocols through which a wide variety of compatible flowmeters can be read and can optionally incorporate a sensor to measure the water pressure in the pipe.

In the event that any of the measured parameters exceeds the preset alarm thresholds for each one of them, the system will generate an alarm warning the person responsible for the installation.