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Aldaia Town Council deploys Datakorum’s PARK20 NB-IoT smart parking sensors

Jun 23, 2020 | news

Aldaia City Council deploys Datakorum’s PARK20 NB-IoT smart parking sensors.


The system shows in real time the availability of all parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility (PRM) through an APP developed by Datakorum.


The project, a national and international pioneer in the use of NB-IoT technology in this field, has been carried out in collaboration with Pavapark and Telefónica as part of the Conecta Valencia programme of the Valencia Provincial Council.

The parking monitoring sensors installed have been Datakorum PARK20 equipped with NB-IoT technology, which provides highly efficient communications with excellent range and reduced power consumption, achieving an extra long battery life.

In addition, by establishing a direct connection to the Cloud, it dispenses with intermediate gateways, which has simplified installation and reduced the cost of deployment.

The data is collected in the SENTILO platform of the Diputación de Valencia and in the Municipal Management platform developed by Datakorum and shows in real time if the parking spaces are occupied or free, as well as information about the occupancy time, frequency of use, battery level and NB-IoT coverage of the devices.

Through the mobile APP available on Android and iOS, people with reduced mobility can find out in advance if a PRM parking space is available where they are going, making it easier for this group to move around the town.