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e& (Etisalat Digital) confirms DATAKORUM‘s high production and logistics capacity for ADDC’s AMI project (Advanced Metering Infrastructure)

During four days, the e& enterprise delegation lead by Hassan Mohd Banihammad, Sr. Director / IoT & AI Development & Delivery, visited the different production centres of development, design and warehouses in Barcelona (CIPSA and MELBA) and DATAKORUM headquarters in Valencia.

The production capacity of more than 2000 devices per day, allows an annual production of more than 500,000 devices, which guarantees that DATAKORUM will be able to meet the needs of ADDC’s AMI project for the city of Abu Dhabi.

During the visit, the entire manufacturing process was shown, confirming that it is 100% automated with quality assurance and complete traceability of the product at every stage of the production process.

DATAKORUM is fully committed to the success of this major project, its R&D team has developed customised solutions, the technical department has validated all the criteria set out in the technical definition of the project and the complete supply of components for the manufacture of the first 50,000 gateways is already underway.

“e& can be fully confident that DATAKORUM will be able to deliver all the devices on schedule despite the difficulties in the supply of components, thanks to the commitment to an entirely Spanish manufacturing and a fully coordinated planning from the beginning with the technical team of e& enterprise” says Guillermo Escobar, Founder and CEO of DATAKORUM.